What Do Other People Think?

"And all of a sudden I wondered what was she thinking while she got undressed? What did other people think? What did other children think when they weren't with me? Then it suddenly struck me that I hadn't ever realized that they thought at all when they weren't with me. I turned away from the window, and I was frightened, because people must think while they got undressed at night, not only people across the court, but strange people on the street, people I passed walking to the park, and children in the park. It still frightens me." Camilla by Madeleine L'Engle
Can you remember the first time you realized you were an individual and separate from everyone else and thus alone?
P.S. I bought myself the ring from Made Her Think...my willpower is weak.
Outfit details: shirt- secondhand customized by me, dress- H&M, tights- gift, shoes- H&M, rings- Made Her Think
Outfit details: dress- H&M (customized), sweater- H&M, shoes- gift, necklace- gift


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