This Is How We Do It

I like immortalizing myself (like any other dreamer) in idyllic locations that do justice to my imagination, if not reality. However, the reality is most days there are no concerts and hang out to be had but rather long hours of droning lectures, homework, actual work, and then the basic chores of life that are doomed to arise. I dress myself in a way that I find visually appealing and expressive, but I can't forget the fact that I am living on an expansive, rural campus and Haute Couture is not only out of reach financially, but practically.
However, I do believe in finding beauty in the most mundane things. Everything around us has the potential to inspire. And washing machines are not just to be posed on top of (or used), but also to climbed inside of...
Outfit details: dress- Zara, tights- Target, shoes- H&M, bag- Pull and Bear
Once again, this is the convenience store where I work.
Outfit details: dress- Zara, tights- street vendor in Athens, Greece, boots- some shop in Athens, Greece, bag- some shop in Japan, coat- H&M


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