Of Queens And Things

Some of the lovely people at Topshop took pity on a rural femme and sent me a wee package with the tote bag and lookbook they gave away on Topshop's opening day in NYC. The lookbook is filled with great looks and the tote bag is seriously fun. I adore the quirky print on it--do we spy a little horse and pretty dresses?
Outfit details: dress- Urban Outfitters, sweater- Forever 21, shoes- Urban Outfitters, tote bag- Topshop

My fascination with brocade is well documented and long-running, but I finally put my money where my mouth is when I saw this skirt on Forever 21's website. I actually sighted it for the first time in December, but kept hoping to find it in an actual store so I could try it on. I didn't, but the skirt lingered online and in my memory, so I finally made it my own.
It is thoroughly Dolce and Gabbana inspired and I paired it with my ruffle neck tee from Vain and Vapid as a nod to Queen Elizabeth's neck ruffs.
Outfit details: shirt- Vain and Vapid, skirt- Forever 21, tights- Walmart, sweater- Forever 21, shoes- H&M

Also, Lemondrop has been doing a "Closet Fever" feature on various bloggers and they just did one on me.


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