Back To Black

I'm having an impossible time taking pictures lately; the weather is just so miserable. I got rained on for these and I can only bare that for a short period of time since my camera is not waterproof!

If there is one common thread amongst fashion bloggers, it is our tendency to talk about the weather. We have our reasons: after all temperatures greatly effect outfit choices. Further, when you blog regularly you might just run out of things to say...
On weather affecting one's wardrobe: I'm a firm believer in wearing dresses in the dead of winter, come snow and ice. This can leave one's legs quite chilled, though layering tights and leggings is helpful. The thickest, coziest tights I currently possess are a recent gift from Ozone Socks. I was pleasantly surprised by the sweater-like feel and thickness. They will definitely be keeping my legs "snug as a bug in a rug" this winter and the pattern on them is adorable too. Style and substance? It is possible!
I hope you all are not too bored with BlogMeetBlog stuff yet, because here's a few more links to check out:
-lots of pictures by Mike Adams of the event here (I look like a midget next to Kam in a lot of these...I should wear heels to parties!) via Urban Fashion Network
-a very sweet write up by The Jaunty Magpie (who wears the awesome shoes and socks in my "official" post)
Outfit details: coat- courtsey of Shopruche, scarf- YarnOverMovement, cardigan- H&M, dress- White House Black Market, tights- courtesy of Ozone Socks, shoes- Seychelles


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