Chictopia 10 Contest Winners

While in NYC I had the chance to meet all the Chictopians and bloggers that won the Chictopia 10 contest. It was really such a pleasure to meet the different girls each with such diverse styles, ages, and backgrounds. I really love that there was such a mix and variety of style represented, because "chic" isn't one specific look. Elegant, disheveled, kawaii, all of these are different forms of stylish.

Here are a few favorites that I met at the conference, in no particular order:
The adorable Jazzy of Transient Withdrawal was the grand winner. I wish I had gotten more of a chance to speak to her, but I was running around like a chicken with its head chopped off most of the time...
Paulinabelle is such a sweet girl and she was scouted by a modeling agency while browsing in Topshop! Who knows where this girl will go next.
Another girl I ended up admiring more from a distance than having one-on-one conversations with was Mitzicocoa. I love how dramatic and daily glamorous her looks are.
My first impression of Lydia was actually Erin running past me to hug her. It was really awesome to meet such a down-to-earth girl who's blog I have been reading for ages. We had a good time sitting on hotel beds and eating pizza before her flight out.
Annie has such great attention to detail in all of her outfits and conversation flowed really smoothly with her...which can be hard for me since I'm really awkward when I first meet people!
Catherine is a really chill girl with a penchant for vintage dresses and Doc Martens; a combination that will always equal instant coolness.



  1. Rebecca,
    I read Transient Withdrawal's contest email, which Helen Zhu forwarded to me. It was a very powerful piece.

    As for you being awkward when you first meet people, I didn't get that sense at all. You seemed quite sure of yourself. Was it my disarmingly good looks? :)


  2. Annie's Style is amazing, thanks for turning me on to her blog!

  3. i'm really glad that chictopia did such a representative population in regards to contest winners... so happy to see that you found commonalities with all of these amazing girls!


  4. I love finding about more and more amazing fashion bloggers! Yay, will be checking these ladies out for sure--thanks for posting them and their links!:) I'd LOVE to attend a conference like this one of these days--I'm so enjoying this new little land of fashion blogging!

  5. Oooh, a couple of new bloggers to check out! Still, as I've said before... jealous of your experience at this conference! I'm glad you're sharing bits and pieces of it with us though. Thanks!

    And since I think you live in WA... you know it's a brilliant and sunny day today! Hope you enjoy it~

  6. I am almost always drawn to your blog recommendations.

    I am really drawn to Mitzicocoa's dramatic daytime look, too. I'm going to have to hope she's got a wordpress or Blogger thing going. She's too interesting to pass up watching.


    What a fun article. I love eyecandy.

  7. Ohhhm lovely looks *_*
    I like it!


  8. thanks for bringing these girls to my attention. i can't wait to check out their blogs! :)

  9. I always discover the neatest people via your blog, Rebbecca! Thanks for this lovely batch of girls :)

  10. I really appreciate how you said chic can come in any disguise. It does not mean one specific kind of look. That is why bloggers displaying street styles from around the world inspire me so much, most of the times more than the fashion shows.

    Thanks for visiting the other day, being a dedicated reader for months that meant a lot to me.

    Take care


  11. I really like Lydia's and Annie's style!
    This Chictopia could have been so much fun!
    Wish I were there!

  12. Ohhhh that sounds like such a good time! All those girls have killer style in different ways I love that too! What a sweet & sincere post.


  13. They seem like such wonderful people to meet and they all have such great style! It sounds like it was a really great time!

  14. They're all so great! And scouted in a Topshop! So jealous :)


    Isn't this you?
    I'm not sure, but I saw it at Atlantis home blog and I immediately thought...

  16. thanks for the intros! I love Annie, cool you got along

  17. aww thanks for the feature rebecca!! :) i too wish we got a more chance to chat, but there will other opportunities i am sure! no worries, i was super awkward that whole weekend...i could barely get passed my star-struck-ness to have actual conversations with all you amazing girls! i really wish that weekend never ended! ahh!

  18. Aw thanks Rebecca! It was such a fun weekend for everyone, and I really enjoyed meeting you! I was very star-struck in the beginning thus a little nervous, but it was a very cool experience :)

  19. Great girls, I love them & their unique styles.

  20. Oh, you are so sweet. Thanks so much for the mention. I really enjoyed meeting you and hopefully I'll see you again soon! Annie.

  21. They're all so adorable! Meeting all these lovely bloggers must have been so much fun! :)

  22. They are all so different and cool! I love it!
    The post above this is just hilarious. I just starred at it for a minute and the started laughing(:

  23. What a wonderfully eclectic group. It's so cool that you got to meet them.

  24. Yulanda of "little thoughts" passed away...I thought you might wanted to know...

  25. I was just about to tell you about Yulanda, too, but it looks like Yasemin beat me to it.

    And you can follow me on BLovin' too.

  26. Thanks for giving us a shout out Rebecca! You will be on my blog when I do my NYC series, for sure. I think I really needed that pizza after such a looonnnnng weekend. And it's funny you said that about Hannah, I was also in awe, but I ended up talking to her at the party and since she went to the school I plan on going to, she said I could ask her if I had any questions or anything...which nearly made my jaw drop. Never in a million years would I have thought that Hannah would be offering to give me advice! She was super nice, and so cool!

  27. What a ridiculously stylish group of gorgeous ladies!

  28. Living enviously through you bloggers who got to attend the Chictopia 10. Alas, the workload for me in Seattle was too much for me to go.

    We need to put together another meetup in Seattle sometime!

  29. @yasemin, Thank you for the comment informing me. It's something so sad I don't even know how to talk/write about it.


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