Master of None

Latley, indecision has been hounding me like a rabid beast. In day-to-day life and short term plans I am a decisive person. I like to plan days, even weeks in advance and make myself little lists to cross off. However, when it comes to where I want to see myself in one year (please don't even begin to ask me about 10), I'm quite at a loss. Part of the problem seems to stem from my "jack of all trades" ability to enjoy several things at once (and be tolerable in them), while being passionate about nothing specific. So, this is a major issue when choosing a law school or even contemplating deferring for another year. Unfortunately, universities don't tolerate indecision and since deposit deadlines are quickly approaching I must soon invest in my future one way or another.

With all of this, it is nice to take comfort in a person's wardrobe. It's such a small, controllable thing, yet it carries you through the entire day. When I dress I factor in: weather, how long it has been since I last wore a certain item, the day's activities, mood, and other intangibles. The proper outfit leaves you decent and gets you through the day without requiring maintenence or further thought. Why can't all decisions be as simple and impermanent?

Outfit details:
Built By Wendy dress
Yellowstone National Park gift shop necklace
Bloch wedges via Gilt
secondhand rings
nOir hedgehog ring via Gilt


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