Cambridge Market

Someone (can't remember who) requested market photos and as I just visited the wee Cambridge market with my sister, I thought I would comply. This market is a lot like the farmer's markets I visit back home: fresh flowers, baked goods, crafts, and all. Although, since we are in a rather tourist-y spot, they threw in some classy, themed undergarments...

Before I left the States I hunted around for a good pair of black jeans...they just seemed so practical! These are highwaisted (which I love) and really stretchy so they're comfortable as well. I wore these on my flight, but I never got a full outfit picture that day. As with everything else I packed, I decided I had to be able wear the items in at least three different combinations before I would let myself pack them. Although, now that I'm hear there are a couple of outfits I think I might just repeat rather than remix the pieces...sometimes when you find a combination you like you return to it.

Outfit details:
Myne silk blouse via Gilt (worn backwards & knotted)
BCBG jeans
Topshop flats
Deux Lux purse
Cheap Monday sunglasses
*pictures of me courtesy my sister


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