A Poignant Contrast

It was very natural to pair my fae wreath from Gardens of Whimsy with my typical style of a vintage dress or very feminine look, but I thought it might look nice with jeans and a tee as well. With a dress the crown makes everything whimsical and sweet, but with jeans there is more of a play in contrasts. From the neck down it's a pretty simple look, but the wreath changes everything (for the better!).

I haven't been gone from those old fields for long and I only lived there for a year, but already I'm missing them. When I eventually return to the States my parents will have moved, so I'll probably never see the ranges of Fort Lewis again. I've lived in cities in the past and always considered myself at home there than the monotonous countryside, but lately I'm beginning to think the past year in Washington won me over to the rural side of things. I enjoy the solitude, driving down empty roads, and watching the fields change with the seasons. Perhaps, I'll just have to keep going back and forth between the two extremeties every few years...as I have for most of my life.

Outfit details:
secondhand shirt, bought in Japan
BDG jeans
Miss Sixty heels via Gilt
filigree & Bijules ring via Gilt
*pictures from when I was still in Washington


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