The Leaves Conferred

You can't really see it well in the pictures, but the scarf I'm wearing in my hair is an amazing find...twice over. I bought it secondhand when I studying abroad in Japan, so I have pleasant memories associated with it. For ages I wore it around my neck (Faye Dunaway in Bonnie and Clyde style). Then (quite like my father's old beret), when I moved to Washington state last year it went missing. I searched high and low and emptied every box, but it was nowhere to be found. I bought a couple of small "replacement" scarves, but none of them quite took it's place...and then we moved to Virginia this summer and I found it again. A short, somewhat pointless story to say: I'm happy this scarf is back in my life.

If you haven't noticed; berry and navy are one of my favorite color combinations. Those shades just work together so nicely and balance nicely with neutrals. So this dress sent to me by my new sponsor Vestique is a welcome addition to my wardrobe. I failed to photograph the details of it properly because I was too busy climbing trees, but it definitely is a sweet little dress.
Outfit details:
secondhand scarf (in hair)
H&M jacket
vintage shoes
Buxom Lip Stick in Barcelona



  1. Beautiful, beautiful pictures.
    Love the jacket, and also the colour combinations in these shots.

  2. perfect shot!
    beautiful outfit and also the scene:)
    I really really like the outfits you're wearing. So vintage and looks like you're comfortable on it.

    Hi by the way i'm the new follower of your blog 'Princess. You inspire me to make my own blog! It was 2009 when I first visit your blog and I find interesting (coz' I ♥ fashion) yeah. I'll be posting some of my stuff too. :)

  3. another amazing location!
    You look great!!

  4. Cute photos!
    visit me

  5. really nice photos beautiful jacket hun :)

  6. I'd like so much to live near this GIANT tree !!!
    I'd go reading on it :)
    Just like you, sitted there.

    Bisous from Paris

  7. oh my goodness.
    that is an amazing tree.
    i love big/old beautiful.
    you look lovely, as always.

  8. great shoes!

    come by and check out my first giveaway!

    i wander, i wonder

  9. beautiful pictures!
    loving your shoes!

  10. thats one of my peeves but also good things about moving, you lose and find stuff!

  11. beautiful scenery :) and i love your outfit! i would've been exhausted after that photo shoot, climbing up and down moving the tripod all over the place! haha :)

    lyndsey of hellolyndsey

  12. I can't really see the scarf, but I'll trust you that it's amazing :p
    & Those shoes are too cute!

  13. I can't wait to see a special detail of the week post on it, because I bet it's absolutely amazing.

    I need more moat photos! :)

    The thing about your scenery photos is that you're one of the few who actually braves going the distance of doing something with the actual scenery. The landscape always plays a role in your photos.

    Do you ever damage your clothes after clambering up and down things?

    Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.

  14. Gorgeous outfit, I love the color combo! XOXO,

  15. @Mae Lu, quite often I damage my clothes! I mean, I get soaked at the beach sometimes, I often rip tights, or scratch leather shoes. I haven't ripped a dress yet. But I feel clothes are meant to be worn and I don't want to let fear of ruining things stop me from enjoying my favorite activities. :)

  16. i really love the location of the photos here.. you always find the best places!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  17. Lovely pics, very inspired to take some outfit shots outside, thanks!

  18. nice photos, and really like the location, really nice place

  19. now you have totally piqued my interest to see this dress and the scarf up close! Can't wait to see more :)

  20. I mentioned your blog at a recent interview I had at a small shop chain we have here called Kew...ended up having a lovely chat with the manager about blogging and I got the job!! Yay :o)

  21. Gorgeous tree and lovely photos. If I knew a tree like this one I'm certain I'd send hours upon end reading or sketching while perched on its immense limbs.

  22. you should do a close up of the scarf sometime . i love how you described it im sure its beautiful

  23. beautiful tree shots, I imagine so many pictures were taken this dat, you achieved something so serene.

  24. Ohhh, I really like your shoes :)


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