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Sarah of The Stylish Heart somehow always manages to look both stylish and cozy. Her layering skills are amazing and I'm particularily inspired by her penchant for wearing shorts in creative outfits. Nearly all of her outfits end up on my Tumblr, so it only seemed appropriate to interview Sarah and get to know the girl behind the blog a bit...through some dream party-planning.
What type of party is it?
an opposites party. the boys have to dress as girls, and the girls as boys.
Who's invited?
morrissey, barack obama, alexa chung, jack bauer, and ian curtis.
Where does it take place?
What are you serving?
lots and lots of cake. no meat or else morrissey would get mad. cookies, pie, and there would be a chocolate fountain to dip the cookies and pie in. parties aren't fun with healthy food.
Who gets to sit next to you?
alexa would sit next to me. i would ply her with copious amounts of alcohol and convince her to give me all of her clothes.
What is the theme?
well everyone's dressed as the opposite gender. ian curtis is looking especially cute in a vintage dress and t-bars. alexa grew a moustache especially. jack bauer refused to dress up.
Is there a special play list or entertainment?
cheesy 80's tunes, of course. we'd play scrabble, but only with rude words.
What are the hot topics of the evening?
everyone's talking about middle-eastern politics and lindsey lohan. and what morrissey was doing in the toilet all that time...
Who is the most likely to get drunk and dance on the table?
let's be honest, it's barack. a guy has to let off steam somehow, i bet it's tough being the leader of the free world.
Who is the last to leave?
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