Faith Is The First Thing You Should Pack

In the past when packing for trips I have attempted to take pieces that are basic and pragmatic. This time around I merely packed some of my current favorite dresses and half as many as I needed (i.e. 5 dresses for 10 days) and repeated them. So, the suitcase was a hodgepodge of pretty dresses and electronics I barely used (took several camera lens that never left the dark recesses of my luggage). As mentioned before, this dress by Trashy Diva is one of my new spring/summer favorites. It's one of the pieces I will wear repeatedly until I am sick of seeing it. It's not the type of dress most travel guides would list as something good to pack, but it's the sort of dress I actually look forward to putting on in the morning. If I'm going to live out of a suitcase (and I do far too often), then I'd like to fill it with pieces that aren't the most practical, but make me happy. I suppose a pretty dress is my figurative cup of coffee in the morning; a little jolt of excitement to get my day started...
Outfit details:
Gryphon trench coat
Amanda Deer necklace
MaraisUSA flats
ASOS sunglasses
*outfit pictures by my friend Jen



  1. i think that color of green suits u, & the way the dress flares, as u slightly spin a'bout.

  2. You're right!! This dress is perfect and so pretty!! I love the colors, and the flowers... *3*
    Dresses are perfect to go on a trip, it's not taking so much place in the luggage, it's practical, and it's cute (what else! ^^)
    Kisses from Paris ;)

    (new blog : )

  3. My packing philosphy is definitely heart over head. I think one nice thing about travelling in the spring and summer is that you can do that without worrying too much. In the winter it's generally necessary to take too many boring sweaters that go with everything.

    I've never understood the mind-numbing approach of travel guides. Surely in a new city you want to look your best?

  4. Love that dress girl!!


  5. That dress is beautiful! I personally think dresses are the most practical think to pack for a vacation! One article of clothing to cover your body. Done! No muss, no fuss! Bring on the sightseeing! : )

  6. OOH, no basics! :) Although I love all your usual travel gear, it's definitely refreshing to see colorful choices in colorful places!

    It really gives a sense of occasion and location.


    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  7. Love the dress! The shape is great on you.

  8. I like that dress. I am not really a "basics" packer. I pack how I dress... grab the next things in my closet and make outfits. Which is probably not a good thing, because it makes for a full suitcase, but whatever! At least I know I'll look pretty. I love that dress, and now I'm going to go check out that Trashy Diva website!

  9. That dress is so pretty, I want it! The color, really makes the floral design pop. I want to go to Spain really bad! One day I will have to go and experience it's beauty up close and personal.

  10. Great dress - I love it!

    I'm awful at packing, I end up taking almost everything and wearing barely any of it, haha! xx

  11. gorgeous as always - love the flare on the skirt and the flash of your tattoos


  12. I just looked at Trashy Diva's line of clothes, love the vintage inspired pieces! How can someone not pack that gorgeous dress. Thanks for sharing.

  13. the dress.. the colour of your hair... your bag.. it all matches perfectly, you look amazing!


  14. I couldn't agree more. I need clothes that I am excited to put on every morning. I've always had a hard time packing for trips. I may copy cat you next time I go on vacation :) Also, I love that you compared dresses to coffee!

    turn that frown upside down

  15. Love the shape of the cat eye sunglasses, very trendy right now.

  16. That dress is simply stunning! I hope you had a lovely time on holiday! Coffee or dresses, I don't know which I prefer!

    Girl about Town XxX

  17. i agree with your packing philosophy, (although i should try your way of only bringing half the # of dresses instead of a dress for each day). then you don't have to bother with mixing & matching :) easy breezy ^_^

  18. Gorgeous colour and shape, love it! It really suits you. Think I'm going to have to look at Trashy Diva now!

  19. Wonderful dress! That colour suits you so perfectly, I love it. It is so summery and chic. Reminds me of a tropical vacation.

    xo Robyn

  20. i really love the cut of this dress. it is the perfect shape! if i had a dress like this i would twirl everywhere rather than walking.

  21. I could not agree more about a great dress being like a cup of coffee. I don't even drink coffee, but on those hazy Saturday mornings at college I always dress my absolute best, just to wake myself up!

  22. Perfect sight seeing dress.

  23. Adorable! Love that dress!

  24. That's actually a really good thing to do. It's important to have pieces that you love with you at all times - to get you excited about dressing up, leaving your bed and exploring the world.

    I will never get tired of this dress! (:

  25. totally agree! nothing worse than looking like a tourist. x

  26. I love your method of packing--simple, uncomplicated, and easy! When I was in Paris for a month, I remember taking about a dozen t-shirts, my favorite pairs of jeans. I just rewore, then washed. Simple and effective.

  27. Such a lovely green dress. The color is so pretty on you. If I had that dress I would be twirling in it all day. Amazing how a piece of clothing can affect how you feel each day!

    - Jamie Rose


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