Restless Thoughts Rush Upon Me Thronging

After these pictures I realized how dissatisfied I was with this outfit. To analyze it in the literal/visual sense it is too busy for my tastes. I find fault in the two-tone accessories and the large print, but the trouble is greater than that. I try to keep my room uncluttered; I hang few pictures and rarely paint my walls, but much like my outfits which start simply and end hidden beneath accessories, things pile up. Vintage National Geographics litter the floor, bookshelves are crowded with as many heels as novels, and my nightstand is a veritable bazaar of discarded rings, necklaces, electronics, and books. This chaos is a better reflection of my true nature than any minimalistic outfit or bare-walled room, but the disorder only adds to my mind's hectic sprawl. My thoughts are always in a dozen places at once, rarely consumed by the present. I seek tranquil, empty landscapes to rest my head upon and try to dress my body in uncomplicated, sweet pieces that might counterbalance my nature. My eyes grow tired from too many points of stimulation and I do not need to wear my restless mind on my sleeve...

Outfit details:


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