Reflections In The Waves Spark My Memory

So often when I go to write a post, particularly after a weekend, when my mind goes blank; a stark contrast to the usual chaos lurking behind my eyes. There are a few thoughts floating about--observations on my penchant for the ladylike whether it be a retro, boxy purse, or a longer hem dress or even my need to only wear sailboat prints or other nautical-themed pieces near water, but those tidbits don't amount to a cohesive and complete conversation and hardly encourage creative hyperbole. So, I'm left again grasping at straws; editing my pictures to evoke the rosy hue of that evening. I don't know if I saw the sun cast a pinkish glow on the river and distant shore, or if I felt the color instead. A warm, late summer evening with the water only gently lapping the shore and the cicadas filling the air with their songs--it was peaceful and uneventful, just a simple fleeting visit when I watched the sun turn reflections pink and my mind grew (as it is now) quiet.

Outfit details:
DKNY heels
Zara purse


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