The Perks Of Being A Nightowl

I never really understand "morning people." From what I gather (observations noted and often commented on of my family members and friends who are self-labeled as such), early mornings make for productivity--jogs in still-cool air, baking up piles of pancakes or some other large breakfast, running errands, or house-cleaning...all activities I would be fine going the entire day without let alone beginning my day early to accomplish! I am a night owl. I can wake up early; I never slept through a class or showed up late to work despite my tendencies to be awake until two or three am, but I despise rising early. Most of my blog posts are written well after midnight as I listen to music, browse the web, talk to fellow night owls or people on other coasts and generally enjoy myself. I often lament that so many restaurants close by ten or eleven when I start craving sustenance just in those hours. My body starts craving walks even as my stomach grumbles and my mind which was relatively still and quiet (if not downright lethargic) earlier in the day starts to spark and dream and desire to create. Yep, I do not understand those morning people--I seem to be wired completely differently.

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