Sunday Remix

This teal dress from ASOS has been a favorite since I got it a few years ago. The tulle underskirt gives it the perfect fullness and I really enjoy pairing it with contrasting accessories like a red purse or pink sandals. I look forward to wearing it many more times in the future.



  1. The teal works really well with your red locks too :)

    Stop by!

  2. What a gorgeous dress! I love teal - it's one of my favorite colors! <3

  3. I love that dress, and all the places it's been! :D

  4. Such a lovely dress! The colour is to die for

  5. Such pretty pretty sunflowers! wish I could find such a pretty field near where I live! so great:) I love the shape of this dress.

  6. You're always so good at your remixes... I love seeing the progress a dress makes across the colorful adventure that is your life.

    with love and aloha, Mae

  7. You are seriously such a remixing queen! Love all these look, especially the first sunflower shot!


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