Oversized and Overwhelmed

I like that slouchy sweater, over-sized piece of clothing look...on other people. At 5'1" I feel like my frame disappears beneath something that doesn't fit me properly. Still occasionally I come across an article of clothing that doesn't suit my idea of "flattering" and I can't resist. Like this sweater; big and loose and far too long, but with a little half-tuck I still look reasonably proportioned from the front. I wore it quite often this past summer as a light layer, but never showed it on the blog because as mentioned: turns me into a bit of a striped blob. Still, I do love it.

Outfit details: 
Seychelles heels
Clinique lipstick


carelessly cut said...

It's lovely!
In love with your skirt too,

Rosie x

Selinah said...

You always look amazing!

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

That's funny, I was in Pepe Jeans in the summer and bought the same dress that you have from them (before I'd seen it here) and I almost bought that sweater as well! In the end I didn't think the colours went well enough with most of my summer things, but I did really like it.
Great minds think alike. :)

Charlotte F said...

I think it looks great on you! This outfit is perfect! (and I love how the colour of those tights matches your hair). :)

amanda said...

wow! i am adoring this outfit. the scallop on the skirt and the tassels on the shoes. love love love! its so coordinated but looks so effortless. digging it!


Sydney said...

I'm the same...I love the oversized look but I never feel like it works on me. You look cute though, this sweater works for you. :)

Sasha said...

Your Shoes and jumper are amazing

An Scenic World said...

You're 5'1"?? Wow, I never would have guessed that. --Oh, and I love your outfit, of course! That skirt!

Lisa said...

Whether oversized or not, this outfit in no way overwhelms you. In every outfit you post, you wear the clothes--they never wear you! You have great style.

ftashion said...

Love the scalloped skirt! Think you did slouchy style perfect.:)


Pansy Lane said...

Psssh nooooo that sweater looks like it was made for you! But I know what you mean, as a short person some things are just off limits, haha.