Snow Bunny

Taking these pictures was incredibly difficult. I was racing my dying camera battery (I never seem to notice when it's almost gone until it is too late) and shaking in misery from the cold. Winter is not my season. Still I rather like how some of them turned out. Since I'm taking pictures nearly every day even if they are mere self-portraits or outfit pictures I always seek to improve my photography.



  1. mittens? they are so lovely! they look like watercolor bricks. dig them.


  2. AW your ears and hands look so cold in some of these! That always happens to me right away too, I get bright red.

    Suuuuper pretty pictures/outfit! I'm so jealous of your snowwwww.

  3. The photos look great! The focus is perfect in all of them. A dying battery is the WORST.

  4. this shoot is beyond adorable! you're so cute and that patterned dress is beautiful! such nice wintry colours~ the off white infinity scarf is also really sweet. it looks so warm, ohmygoodness.

    a dying battery is honestly the worst. i'm so ocd about charging my camera battery every night just in case.

  5. That dress and those mittens are amazing.

  6. we don't get snow here and I'm still flaking out on winter outfit pictures... you are doing great! haha.
    love your boots and mittens <3

  7. These photos are so nice! I really like the second one!

  8. Winter photos can look like the best photos ever with the occurrence of snow, but you're right they're also very difficult to take! I don't know though, I think I prefer winter photoshoots over mosquito-filled summer photoshoots. That is why mid seasons are the absolute best :-)

  9. Eeep, so sorry I missed this when you posted it, I was in the middle of moving! The dress looks super cute, I hope you were warm enough!! xo Angie

  10. thrilled to see that you still have the meaford scarf to keep you warm.


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