The Clothes Horse x Modcloth Spring Remix

This week I partnered with Modcloth for a special remix. They sent me this lovely striped dress and I styled it five different ways that I'd wear it this spring and summer. It's still a bit chilly here so the second outfit in this post is how I wore the dress for the rest of the day. I really enjoyed the challenge building several different looks around one piece. When I started my blog in college remixing was a necessity--I was a full-time student and part-time jobs didn't leave much income for new clothes. In the process of developing my style though I grew to really enjoy the creativity it takes to wear one piece in multiple ways; it stopped being a necessity and became an integral part of my personal style. Remixes are also a nice balance to the endless consumption fashion blogs seem to promote. You don't need new pieces every season, you don't need to buy a new dress for every occasion--looking stylish (to me) is more about creativity than the size of your wardrobe. Anyway, visit Modcloth's blog to see the three other ways I styled this dress.

Outfit 1 details:
customized ASOS trench, DIY here
thrifted scarf

Outfit 2 details:
thrifted hat
thrifted cardigan
Zara purse
*pictures by Jon



  1. You certainly work this dress REALLY well! It's funny, over here in Oz it's Autumn - still feels like summer but almost should be Autumn! Some early spring outfits are interchangeable with Autumn, so thanks for the inspiration! I just love this dress too!!

  2. I always really enjoy your remixes, I'd say you're the remix queen!
    I love this dress and the simple yet cute outfits you come up with, they're all easy wearing and comfy still being cute and feminine, my cup of tea! I love to remix as well and I have a couple of similar striped dresses too, so this is such an inspiration.

  3. It's easy to scoff at excessive consumption when you receive, some would say, an excessive amount of free clothes. You may not buy a new dress for every occasion, but you certainly have your pick from a vast and varied wardrobe, which is more than the great majority of girls can say. That's awesome, and I've nothing against bloggers receiving c/o items, but it rubs me the wrong way when highly sponsored bloggers talk about the importance of remixing and being thrifty with one's wardrobe, when it's clear that the same bloggers aren't even paying for a significant portion of their clothes. I appreciate seeing your remixes, but I felt like this post came off as a bit hypocritical, especially as you were gifted the very dress you're remixing.

  4. I love how colorful the first outfit is!

  5. You certainly did a great job making it *look* warm and summery with the golden hour light on the photos on the Modcloth blog! Such a fun dress.


  6. Your striped is dress so summery

  7. Red is effective and it is very lovely.

  8. @Meg! I'm sorry you took it that way. I see what you're saying, but it's sort of frustrating to be called a hyprocrit for what is mostly personal experience and personal history of remixing. I never stated "the importance of remixing" as if others must also do this--I just enjoy the creativity and think remixing is more stylish than buying new. I post remixes once a week and this is the only sponsored one I've had in nearly 2 years and most of the pieces I remix are more than a year or a season old--meaning I didn't buy new each season and year. And yeah I'm sponsored by Modcloth, but at least 70% of the new pieces I add to my wardrobe still come from my pocket.

  9. Just found your blog through ModCloth's and popping in to say hi! I love your style and how you remixed everything, so I'm looking forward to reading your future posts :)

  10. That dress is awesomeeee!


  11. I am loving stripes with florals and you mixed them together so beautifully! I also feel inclined to say I don't care two kitty whiskers how you ended up with the dress, your lovely remixes are always inspiring! xoxo

  12. Love the ways you styled this dress! very creative! and I love the scarf!

  13. I love the prints of the scarf and dress and the beanie omfg love that so much! such nice prints and colours in this one

  14. As usual, another great remix. One of the things I've really enjoyed about your remixes is that you show it is quality that really counts. You've mentioned in so many posts, that a piece might be one you've owned years or months (always especially fun to see the remixes with different hair styles becuase of that). It shows that really investing in pieces, even if more expensive up-front, lasts longer and looks fabulous.

    Looking forward to seeing more remixes on the Modcloth blog and in your own blog's future :)

  15. I just love the ways you've remixed this dress, but this is definitely my favorite one. The red tights look perfect with your striped dress.


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