On The Wind

This nautical tote bag is perfect for a day at the beach, but since Lancaster is woefully without sandy shores I reconciled to using it for a walk through the woods and compensated with my best sailor dress. It really is the perfect size picnic supplies, although on this day I just had my usual assortment of camera equipment, wallet, book, etc. The conditions lately have been perfect for a picnic though and I have kept a blanket handy in my car for afternoons in the sun reading in some quiet hamlet. I haven't had the time for such leisurely pursuits yet this spring, but with ever-longer days I think the time will come eventually...

Outfit details:
Rachel Antonoff dress
*pictures by Jon



  1. Love this pretty scene and that dress is awesome! I might have to go get me that tote!


  2. You always remind me of Thoreau's sensibilities. I love that you go out into nature and spend time there. It's something that really distinguishes your blog from the rest.

  3. I just bought a dress that same color! yay! I'm glad to already have some inspiration for how to wear it!


  4. Cute dress. Why do u scratch your head so often in your photo shoots?

  5. @MarieBayArea, everyone has preferences on poses and how they like to present themselves. I also touch my head a lot since my hair flops around a bit and I try to keep it out of my eyes/tucked behind my ears a bit. It's more why do I choose certain images to share though and that just has to do with presentation and which final images I end up liking.

  6. What a beautiful dress!


  7. I LOVE this dress, the collar is amazing (and you look amazing in it!)


  8. such a cute outfit, I love your dress!

  9. You look beautiful in red outfit.


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