The Price Of Admiration

My mother has often told me that you can "admire without possessing." It's a good saying and a nice reminder every time I see something online that looks as if it would be wonderful in my closet. But every so often I see something and I just have to have it. Not in the my tombstone will read "died from not getting those shoes, omg" sort of way, but in the justifying an unnecessary purchase sort of way. Well, it doesn't cost that much and you're not completely broke, so why not? Point being, I spied this shirt on someone's blog or instagram (I can't even recall which) and instantly launched into a hunt for it. A few image searches later and I found it in two color stories and bought it that night. What can I say? I have a thing for insect prints. One day I'd like to have a collection of framed beetles and butterflies, but for now all of my collections are limited to my closet. I'll just consider this admiring the ladybugs from a much closer distance...



  1. So beautiful!
    I love the colors in that blouse.

  2. That shirt is awesome and I love it paired up with those oxfords!


  3. I've been loving that whole line of blouses from the Gap, too. So adorable on you. I love the sentiment about admiring without possessing. I need to keep that in mind and learn how to tell the difference :)

    xox Sammi

  4. Dude, I am the same way! I have successfully downsized my closet in the last year because I didn't want to turn into a hoarder with a million clothes and shoes [like that show]. I've been trying to keep a nice collection of items I know I'll wear all the time. The problem I have had in the past is not owning enough items that balance each other out, like neutrals and some prints, so it was difficult for me to pair things appropriately. And I'm still struggling with identifying my own style. It's hard though, resisting so many pretty things, but it usually helps if I ask myself "will I wear this more than once?" or "can I still wear this in 5+ years?" It weeds out unnecessary impulse purchases. Sales are terrible for a constant shopper like me. I've made it a habit to try to keep out for sales on things I truly love instead of buying something just for the sake of a cheaper price tag. Initial infatuation with a piece of clothing or shoe or whatever usually dies down after a few days when I realize it's not something I truly want and/or need. So I wait a few days to make sure before I buy said item [and I also ask the 'practicality' questions]. If I'm still obsessed over it and/or has answered all of the previous questions, I get it. Sometimes it is totally unnecessary but either the cut,print or style is just too awesome. I guess it's like getting a tattoo? I've been told if you have a design, you tape it on the wall for a few months to see if you still like it. But, then again, tattoos are permanent, and shopping most often has return policies. Whatever. I know that I save images of shoes I love but can't have//shoes I like but don't fit in my wardrobe in a virtual shoe-scrapbook. It's my way of 'admiring without possessing' so many shoes.

    I've rambled on for far too long. You always look so put together no matter what you wear, and the print of the shirt is super.

    BTW, I had a pair of saddle oxfords freshman year of high school [we wore uniforms] but the school decided to change the shoes to these black espirit mary janes the next 3 years. My mom gave my oxfords away when we changed shoes. It was a sad day.

  5. i am not a fan of bugs, but that shirt is all kinds of awesome!! you look beautiful as always!

  6. Your blouse is amazing! I have done the same before - I saw a girl with an amazing coral blouse and asked where it was from - I bought it the next day! Your bag is such a wonderful colour too.

  7. This is the cutest outfit ever. Love the blouse, it looks so pretty on you.Xo. Elba
    live colorful

  8. Ok, so I love that shirt too! I know what you mean though. When I see some clothing I love I immediately have to find it. Now I'm good about waiting to find the next best thing at a thrift store or the cheapest one online...but still it's not a good habit!

  9. Very beautiful ! What did you decided for your hair ? I really thinks the short pixie cut is the best for your face.

  10. What an adorable shirt! Perfect pairing with a black, neutral skirt. I adore prints.

  11. That is the cutest blouse! I adore the print.

  12. @Anonymous, I'm in the process of growing it out--it's just a slow process. I don't know, right now I don't really care what suits me best I just want longer hair again. I might dye it blue this summer...


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