The Price Of Admiration

My mother has often told me that you can "admire without possessing." It's a good saying and a nice reminder every time I see something online that looks as if it would be wonderful in my closet. But every so often I see something and I just have to have it. Not in the my tombstone will read "died from not getting those shoes, omg" sort of way, but in the justifying an unnecessary purchase sort of way. Well, it doesn't cost that much and you're not completely broke, so why not? Point being, I spied this shirt on someone's blog or instagram (I can't even recall which) and instantly launched into a hunt for it. A few image searches later and I found it in two color stories and bought it that night. What can I say? I have a thing for insect prints. One day I'd like to have a collection of framed beetles and butterflies, but for now all of my collections are limited to my closet. I'll just consider this admiring the ladybugs from a much closer distance...


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