The Philadelphia Story

The Philadelphia Story is a whirlwind romantic comedy that takes place over a single weekend. Tracy Lord's (played by Katharine Hepburn) wedding weekend to be exact. In the midst of last minute preparations her ex-husband, C. K. Dexter Haven (Grant) blackmails his way into the house with a team of tabloid reporters in tow. Of course things aren't what they seem on the surface, Dexter isn't an ex-husband bent on last minute revenge, Tracy isn't a fulfilled bride marrying her equal, and even reporter Mike Connor (Jimmy Stewart) has hidden depths. While some of the storyline is dated, it still surpasses the musical remake with Grace Kelly and Bing Crosby and many romantic-comedies of today. While Tracy Lord is often cut-down to size by nearly every male in the film, ultimately she is given the final decision of choosing her romantic lead and new husband...


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