Worn In

I'm quite in love with these vivid little heels from Seychelles...and like so many things I love I got them muddy almost immediately. It wasn't raining when I wore them out but the ground was still damp from earlier showers so the heels inevitably got dirty. They'll clean off fine (this time), but it's just another reminder that we usually destroy the things we love. It's part of the process of enjoying (physical objects) things--taking them out and using them--a well-worn pair of shoes, overly doodled in book, or even chipped mugs show those objects have been appreciated through use. My favorite pens are the first to run out of ink and I know I'm getting proper use of my notebooks when I fill the pages in nearly no time at all. This inevitably means you must buy new notebooks, be wary of chips in your mugs when sipping them and so on, but when I anthropomorphize those objects (like I did my stuffed animals when I was little) I imagine they feel more loved than the ones kept in mint condition on my shelves...
Also, Seychelles is offering a special discount code for you all. Use code "CLOTHESHORSE15" to get 15% off. It's only valid through June 19th.



  1. Oh, man, that dress is pretty! It goes perfectly with the shoes, too. Well done.

  2. For some reason this made me think of the Maori who would carve bones and explained the color change from white to a honey over time to mean that the wearer's soul was seeping into it. They thought it was good to first were a pendant before giving to your friend so part of you would always be with them. These shoes now hold visible memories of where you've been and show you've been moving and living.

    And wonderful look...as always. :)

  3. The link to modcloth is a different dress..i suppose this one is sold out?

  4. That dress is so cute! Alex


  5. Those are some pretty cute shoes.

  6. @ Jocelan Thiessen, whoops yep. Sorry labeled that wrong.

  7. That's a dazzling floral print on your dress

  8. Love the print of that dress!

  9. Gorgeous dress! I love the first photo. Sometimes it bothers me when I get brand new clothes dirty/muddy--but it's gonna happen if I wear them. It's been raining non-stop here and when I take outfit photos my shoes get so nasty :p Oh well, they're well-loved shoes!

  10. What you said is so true...! I have destroyed most of the things I love the most, hahahaha. But I have some others that I also love but can't bring myself to ruin ;-;

  11. Absolutely amazing dress and shoes! Just love your outfit to bits!


  12. The floral print on this dress is TO DIE FOR. The colours are so vivid and the large print is perfect. Love that you paired such a fun dress with an equally beautiful pair of bright heels.

    Hope you had a fantastic weekend!


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