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Still quite a fan of this Rachel Antonoff dress with the quirky print after several years (this dress is no longer for sale, but the same style is available in a different color here). I've layered it in winter, but clearly seem to favor it more in the spring or summer. Lately with remixes I notice the places each outfit is photographed as much as the clothes themselves--this dress has gone from Virginia to Pennsylvania with me and was photographed inside a moat wall, my old front year, a friend's river house, and weird stone staircase in the woods. It'd be interesting to see what adventures the dress will go on one day when it passes from my hands into someone else's...



  1. I'd love to be the one you pass it on to!

  2. I always wish there was a way to find out who takes my old things -- I donate most of my old clothes to Goodwill or local foster group homes for teenagers. I cannot even imagine some of the adventures my clothes have gone on! You look lovely in every single wearing of this dress ;) and you can see how your style has changed with each new place and time in your life.

  3. Cute dress--and very creative ways to style it! My younger brother said to tell you that your blue hair is "awesome." :)

  4. it's always really interesting to see where clothes/possessions go when you wear them or pass them on. i donated a large amount of clothing to goodwill once and found most of my friends wearing old t-shirts, dresses, and skirts of mine that they'd bought there! the best feeling is knowing something you once loved has been passed on to someone who really cares for it.

  5. darling dress. the most darling with the umbrella!


  6. I Love the umbrella....



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