Mum's The Word

First step to most of my trips seems to be paying a visit to my parents; it's always a nice excuse to see them and I can park my car at their house without worrying about street-cleaning tickets. So, I spent a couple of days in Virginia stealing the mums from their front yard and enjoying home-cooked meals before hitting the road...or sky since I flew. Everyone following me on Instagram already knows that I'm in Northern Ireland. It's been awhile since I've lived out of a suitcase for an extended period of time, but with numerous semesters abroad under my belt not to mention family roadtrips between moves across country this sort of living for me is practically normal. I definitely wouldn't mind having less of a home base and spending more time living out of a suitcase and since most of my work is online it doesn't seem impractical...But I'm not going to be in Ireland indefinitely and my home back in Pennsylvania is waiting for my return.

Outfit details:
Jeffrey Campbell heels (old)


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