Selkie and Sea

The new "Selkie and Sea" collection by Book of Deer might be one of the most personally delightful collections I've seen yet. Selkies are mythological creatures that are able to live as seals, but shed their skin and walk as humans. Many tragic love stories come from this myth as selkies must often choose between love for the sea and love for man; inspiration might have come from sailors similar tension in choosing a half of a life on the ocean away from loved ones. They've often been one of my favorite mythological creatures and Eilidh shares a similar admiration for the graceful, fictional characters. She translated the tragic love stories into nautical motifs and coastal landscapes into wearable pieces with a nod towards 60s silhouettes. And the collection is incredibly personal; a sailor's painting from her grandfather's house is printed on a modern kilt and hand drawn illustrations add charm to aran sweaters ladylike blouses. It's a delightful collection filled with lovely, wearable pieces that will stand out in any wardrobe. I'm definitely adding the anchor and mermaiden tail detailed sweater and pictorial skirt to my closet.
*all images courtesy of Book of Deer


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