All Good Things Come To An End

As the title might imply, this is sadly my last post from Northern Ireland. I had a lovely visit and I'm already plotting ways to get back. I missed a lot of the more notable attractions (like the Giant's Causeway), but Northern Ireland was never a tourist destination for me but rather the place I had to go to see Thomas. I'm sure I'll get around to popular sites at some point, but for now I'm quite thrilled at all the castles, ruins, and beautiful woods I was able to explore. It's interesting how your priorities shift at different points in time--just like traveling. I remember my first times abroad as a teenager and young adult, trying to say yes to every opportunity and repeating the mantra "you can rest when you're dead" in order to drag myself out of bed in the early mornings and ignoring blisters or sunburn because there's another mountain to hike to see a shrine or cathedral or something historic and beautiful. And everything was beautiful, just to be outside of my apartment or host family's house and walking down unfamiliar streets and stopping in unfamiliar bakeries to try food I couldn't recognize--I got a thrill riding subways and trains and even took a ride from a stranger once. There's something about being somewhere new and watching it pass in front of your eyes from a moving vehicle that is completely magical; yes you want to stop and walk around and see up close some of the interesting places you are passing, but there's a bit of magic of seeing the world through a window's frame and knowing that everyone beside you is seeing the same thing but not feeling the same way about it. I really do love traveling. Of course, the current laziness/slow pace in exploring Northern Ireland is probably grounded in a security I never felt when I was younger, the idea that I'll be here again...

Outfit details:
Puloma hair barrette
Zara coat (similar)
*pictures by Thomas



  1. I've really enjoyed all the pictures and posts from Ireland. You've made me really want to go back there. I went with my familly as a kid a few times, but my husband has still never been. I love the ferry crossing too so it needs to move higher up our wish list. It also looks like you managed to get really nice weather! You're very lucky :P

    I love the dress you're wearing, reminds me of a tapestry, so appropriate for all the castle visits.

  2. the pattern on that dress is just stunning!


  3. Forever envious of your travels lady!

  4. What a sad title but no less true. Of course you will be there again, of course! You're going to visit Thomas again, obviously! It's always hard getting back home after weeks of adventuring in an enchanted place (especially with your significant other)


    schau doch mal vorbei :)

  6. been loving the gorgeous scenery in your photos from ireland. makes me itch to go back- especially when ryan's never been and tickets from new york keep dipping to borderline affordable. it must have been a wonderful visit to be able to stay with a local family for an extended time.

  7. I'm glad you enjoyed your stay! I get the same slightly lazier feeling when I'm in NI as like you, I know I'll be back. Luckily only living in England I can fly over more regularly and so my bf and I always plan at least one excursion out when I visit, which helps with budgeting after using alot of money for flights! :p I travel there Thursday and we're planning to visit Castlewellan's Forest Park after your beautiful post and photographs! :)

  8. whew- I was afraid for a minute you were going to announce the end of your blog! Sad as it is to leave a beautiful place, there's also the poignant joy of remembering! I just took a moment yesterday to go back to some of my Iceland pictures and even though it was over a year ago the memories all came back fresh and vivid.

    I love the nigh-matching shades in the tights, shoes, and of course your gloriously red hair- very nice!

  9. Oh wow! It's like you are in a fairytale! The pictures are sooo amazing and loving all the Autumn colours! :)


  10. awesome pictures! Cute dress!


  11. Thank you for having posted the gorgeous pictures of your stay in NI! It truly makes anyone who has never been there want to go! Hey maybe some travel agency should hire you to promote NI! Ha! Anyways, truly beautiful! And this dress, what to say, this is one those prints that makes any woman with any skin color and shade, look stunning, as you look in those pictures!

  12. Really love how the tights compliment this dress! (: As always.

    On that note about tights, I'd like to ask: what are your recommendations for tights? (My tights always get snags/get ripped...does it have to do with the material of the tights/% of nylon in the tights)

  13. @Anonymous, I get rips really easily in my more sheer tights. It definitely have to do with the thickness, which usually is described as 90 denier to 300 denier--the higher the denier the thicker and less likely to rip.


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