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With my love of all things cosmic (and my penchant for circle scarves) this scarf was impossible for me to resist. Thankfully I got it for less than the original price because I found it on 9th & Elm. A few weeks ago 9thandelm.com approached me about their site and after the initial I was hooked; they gave me store credit to experience the shop and I quickly exceeded my budget grabbing multiple items at my own expense! Like other e-commerce site 9th & Elm offers flash sales, what sets them apart is they feature independent designers and handmade items. You still pay less than the original listing if you bought through the designer's shop, but instead of big names you're getting special, handmade pieces from smaller, often more local, designers. I'm a huge fan of shopping independent designers when I get the chance and my purchases from 9th & Elm have all been good quality, although if I'm picking favorites this scarf is it...

Outfit details:
ASOS dress (old)
vintage boots



  1. The starry scarf is perfect for brightening up winter. I like how it simultaneously completes the outfit and brings it to another level.

  2. That is such a beautiful scarf!
    It really brightens up your outfit :)

    Hailey from http://squidsquads.blogspot.com

  3. The scarf adds dimension to your outfit, because of the cosmo print. I can see how it's incredibly hard to resist. Looks great - and so does your outfit.
    Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog -Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Style

  4. So beautiful. Your photos in the snow a really pretty. I keep saying it's a whole different concept for me seeing all these gorgeous snow pictures from my blogger friends. Happy holidays Rebecca.

  5. Adorable! Your scarf is so awesome!


  6. That scarf is stunning! Definitely gonna check out this retailer, since it sounds like a cool concept


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