Taken By The Wind

I pulled this dress out of the recesses of my closet because I wanted to feel more elegant for a day and then my housemate told me I looked like "a mom" ho hum. There are a number of stylish mothers out there, but I doubt that style described as "momish" is to be considered a compliment. Whatever, I still say it was a more elegant, perhaps slightly witchy, look than typical for me.

Outfit details:
Anthropologie jacket
thrifted belt
Seychelles oxfords
Zara purse



  1. I love the dress, it look so pretty on you!

    Love x
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  2. Totally not "momish"! I love it when you mix up your silhouettes.

  3. I think it looks lovely (and so not mom-like), the pairing with those shoes is perfect!
    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  4. I would hardly consider this "mom-like". It's a magical, mystical, thoroughly witchified look. Love it!

  5. To make this look mom-ish you'd need to wear it with white tube socks and sneakers and smear some baby food on it.

    I think you styled it perfectly and I'm so in love with your jacket!

  6. I do think you look like a mommy but it's a compliment! I mean to say that you look mature, nurturing and elegant, an ideal type of mom ;)

  7. i love that bag! so gorgeous!



  8. I love how you have mixed leather browns and black, I may have to try it. You look great!

  9. I think you look absolutely gorgeous in that dress. I love the longer skirt length without all the volume, it's very becoming.

  10. It's exactly what you said, an elegant outfit. Suits you (not saying you look like a mom btw)


  11. A lot of moms don't dress in white tube socks, sneakers and have food smeared all over their clothes and that's an awful stereo type. Fashion and style isn't just for young people with out children. We just dress appropriate for our day to day lives with our children which is normally no heels but I wear dresses and cute blouses just the same as the other 26 yr olds who don't have a 3 yr old.

    Super cute outfit Rebecca! :)

  12. It's all about personal taste. Your roommate may think it looks momish, but I like this more than your usual outfits. I think you look elegant.

  13. I love the dress on you!!!! And whoever takes all your pics is awesome. Does he/she just follow you everywhere everyday?

  14. @Cassie Jo, I take most of my own pictures--so like these ones I took them. :) If someone else takes my pictures they're always credited at the end of the most, no credit means it was me. That's also why I'm doing my photo tip series--it's to help others take self portraits.


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