Style Crush: Dovima

Most people might know Dovima best for her brief strongly-accented cameo in Funny Face or are aware of her iconic image by Richard Avedon with elephants, but aren't aware of her name. Born Dorothy Virginia Margaret Juba she came up with her own iconic name that she used throughout her career (Dovima); a career which was much more than that brief role and single photograph. One of the highest paid models in the 50s who covered countless Vogue covers and was a muse to some of the greatest photographers of the time. Her personal life was tragic, but her iconic image lives on inspiring people today. When I look at Dovima as an inspiration I see a self-made icon; a girl who loved comic books and created her own alter ego--that of a supermodel. Stylistically I'm always struck by her grace and poise; as a model her style was often dictated by a magazine or photographer, but the way she wore her clothes and her perfect poses are pure Dovima. Even captured in movement she's perfectly poised--breaking up space and image in dynamic lines. I could stare at her photographs all day. 


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