Blue Jean Baby

I spent most of high school and a good part of college hiding my legs in jeans, even though I never really liked jeans. I was self conscious about how my legs looked, but shortly before my junior year of college I started to get over my insecurities and switched to almost exclusively wearing skirts and dresses. I'm not entirely abandoning my closet of skirts and dresses, but lately I've been craving jeans again. I had a few missteps trying jeans from my usual shops, before stumbling across a couple of cheap, stretchy pairs from Forever 21 that I actually really like. This is one pair--simple, blue, and about as comfortable as any jean can be. If only as a base for this beautiful blouse, the hunt has been worth it. But don't get too used to it; unless I find a lot more lovely blouses like this one I'm going to firmly stay a dress girl!



  1. I too don't really enjoy jeans. I never can find a pair that fits right. I guess I will have to check out Forever 21! Thank you for sharing today. Have a lovely day!

    Anna Neumann from The Whistling Willow

  2. How strange. I was the opposite for most of school. It wasn't until I was nearing the end of school that I began to wear jeans. For me I felt pretty uncomfortable about how my thighs looked in trousers and therefore stuff to hiding them under big skirts. I still prefer skirts and dress but i'd love to start wearing trousers more. I think it's all about finding the perfect pair. Maybe I'll go have a look in forever 21 too. Lovely outfit. I'm a big fan of this pink hair!

  3. oh my, what a lovely blouse! perhaps i will have to bookmark similarly pretty tops i find and send you the links -- anything to get you to wear more jeans! :D

  4. I almost never wear pants either, I'm not even sure if I have any jeans. These look great on you and the whole look still looks really girly even when you're not wearing a skirt. I like the pastel hair too!

    - alexis

  5. Jeans or skirts, I love your looks either way! And it's so funny, but I actually stumbled on the most perfect pair of jeans today: stretchy, dark colour and high waisted and was surprise to see that they were only like 15€! Which is weird considering how hard it can be to find good jeans without breaking the bank. So I can totally relate to you, Rebecca :)

  6. I really like this outfit on you. Jeans suit you & that blouse is gorgeous. I wear jeans most of the time so I'm always looking for pretty tops like that. Just commenting to say I really like Topshop's Leigh Jeans in Petite. They seem similar to what you're wearing, soft & stretchy and very comfy. I'd recommend them next time you're looking for a pair!

  7. @Miriam thank you for the tip--I'll check them out next time :)

  8. those jeans are perfect on you!


  9. I think jeans get a bad rap as being too casual when sometimes all you need is a good ol' pair of denim with a clean silhouette to pair with something more embellished. Sometimes I find myself avoiding them simply because of the stigma! But I feel like if it's the right piece for the outfit, why not go for it?? Especially if it's the right wash for the outfit, or you cuff them, it took just as much forethought and purposefulness to pick the jeans as it would any other bottom.

    Also, I love the high-waisted ones from Forever as well. They really are stretchy and comfortable!

    Regardless, LOVE the pink hair. I am yearning to do something different with my own hair. Maybe soon!


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