Hair Color Journey

A look back at my previous hair styles, colors, and length: I kept my hair long and red for years, then after a brief period with a bob I took the biggest plunge by getting a pixie cut. I kept the color the same as when it was long and ended up keeping the pixie cut for a few years. I started to grow it out in 2012 and dyed it blue the summer of 2013 when it was quite shaggy/slightly shorter than a bob. I went back to red that fall and this summer I went blonde. The blonde was great but when I went to touch up my roots I accidentally tipped my hair into the grey/silver range and decided to cover it with pink dye.
Ultimately, I'm trying to get back to my long red hair but having fun in the transition process. Since I've gotten past my fear of bleaching/dyeing odd colors I'll probably keep experimenting with colors for years to come while returning to the red as my "typical" look. If you're curious about what dyes I used at each stage (once I started dyeing at home), you can find the answer in my previous hair posts.


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