Second Star To The Right

I still don't have photoshop, but Thomas was kind enough to lend his photo editing expertise to a couple of these pictures and put a few of my monster doodles on them. I've been wanting to add my doodles to my photographs for ages now but have lacked the skill set and equipment to do it. I only recently switched from my computer's free photo editing software to Lightroom for my pictures, so it will probably be awhile until I upgrade to something that allows me even more creativity. One of the things I love about blogging is having an excuse to play around with photography and be creative. Every time I feel less rushed to get things done I try to experiment with a new editing technique or teach myself something new about my camera. Anyway, the childish doodles are a fitting complement to the Peter Pan-inspired dress which reminds me of my childhood. I like how evocative the little silhouettes are--a simple outline but we all immediately recognize those night-gowned figures.

Outfit details:
UO headband (old)
vintage Coach purse
*pictures by Kate


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