Street Style Photographer To Know: Alexis Noelle

Everyone knows the Sartorialist and Facehunter, but there are loads of other street fashion photographers vying for attention or jumping into the field every day. I remember when Vanessa Jackman was new to the scene in 2009 and today her work has an almost painterly quality to it. So, here's another new-ish street style photographer to get to know: Alexis Noelle. Based in Paris she has an eye for detail and color. Her blog hasn't been around for long but it already features candid snaps of fashion industry insiders alongside more anonymous but well-dressed individuals. While street style photography might be a rapidly over-saturated market there will still be those who distinguish themselves from the crowd. Some of Alexis Noelle's work has a powerful, cinematic quality that stands out from other street pap snaps.


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