Outfit: Let It Snow

Snow does not make me devolve into a kid excited about a day free of school and sledding down a hill in the neighborhood, but I sort of look like that statement is true. I know I look rather giddy in them and it's a bit ironic since when I first started blogging I barely smiled and received requests to smile more in photographs--now I'm a grinning fool! You definitely get less self-conscious in front of the camera the more photographs you take. Although half the times I smile is because I'm laughing at myself--oh look so casually gathering a snowball...by myself...a few feet from my tripod as my camera clicks away...all by chance. Very candid. It's so ridiculous you have to smile.

Outfit details:
vintage hat
old coat
vintage cardigan (similar)
Les Mirrettes brooch
old boots (similar)
old mittens


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