Beauty: Retro Rolled Updo With A Vintage Scarf

Here's an easy summer hairstyle I've been meaning to try out! This style is sometimes called a vintage hair roll or retro hair tuck or rolled updo. I've seen some people do it with headbands, but I had a old scarf that was my mother's handy and decided to try it with that. It's very easy and surprisingly works even if your hair is slightly longer (most people I've seen with this look have shoulder length or shorter hair!). All you need is a scarf (or headband) and some bobby pins.
How to:
-tie your scarf around your head; if it's a silky scarf like mine use a couple of bobby pins to secure it in place (these can be removed or hidden later)
-take a small section of hair close to your ear and pull it up and around the scarf
-repeat this process taking small sections of your hair from each side
-continue until all of your hair is rolled around the scarf
-pin in place with bobby pins inserted parallel to the roll


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