Beauty: How To Wear A Grecian-Style Flower Crown

*all pictures by me*

I wore this lovely crown (made from real flowers that have been preserved to last!) a few weeks ago with my retro rolled updo hairstyle. The crown comes with little loops to anchor in your hair, but you still need something that will hold the bobby pins in place. The retro rolled updo and crown combination give a distinctly Edwardian look, but for a more casual look this hairstyle is perfect.
How to:
-start with texturized, even dirty hair--romantic hairstyles like this look best with loose curls, waves, body and movement!
-make two small braids above your ears; the style and width of these braids don't really matter since they'll mostly be covered by the flower crown
-cross the braids over the back of your head and secure them in place with a few bobby pins
-add the flower crown on top of the braids, using bobby pins and the braids to hold everything in place
That's it! I love how this style of flower crown just "peeks" around the sides of your head, but makes a dramatic statment when viewed from the back. It's a really lovely look and one I won't get bored of wearing for awhile!


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