Outfit: A Summer Song

This dress was meant to arrive earlier in the summer and I really wish it had, because I love the fit and color and basically everything about it. However, it got shipped to an address of mine that was three moves ago (lots of moves in the past two years!) and spent a few months pinging around the world. Eventually it arrived here on a sunny day and I finally got to wear it out. Better late than never I suppose.

*all pictures by me*



  1. Gorgeous, as always. :) I started following you in the 2008 and you are still a source of inspiration Rebecca ;)

  2. Gorgeous, your outfits inspire me :). The fall lighting is lovely!

  3. Utterly gorgeous. And two pairs of amazing tights in two days. I loved yesterday's and I love these as much as when you debuted them! Such inspirational outfits. Kx

  4. I just found your blog through 'a beautiful mess' and I am in love! The dress and scenery are so gorgeous and I'm sure Northern Ireland is the perfect backdrop for photography!

  5. I loved the outfit and your blog is so inspiring! Just found you at ModCloth style gallery. I'll make sure to stop by more times.
    Xo :)

  6. That's such a pretty dress! And I love those tights. The dress looks like it will transition really well to fall with some warm tights and a cardigan.

  7. I love those tights! I have a pair just like them and I'm still trying to find the perfect outfit for them. They look amazing with that dress!

  8. I love how from the back your shoes look like 2 strawberry ice cream cones! Have you ever noticed that?

  9. The wrap front is so flattering. Looks awesome on you.



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