Outfit: Queen of Heartz

I'm still getting used to my new haircut, or the fringe rather (the whole cut was more of a trim). Right now I always feel like there's something in my face and I have to keep reminding myself to just leave it alone. Still I always love fringe with hats, so I think it's a perfect hairstyle for fall--although this is probably the last week I'll wear my boater because it always feels so summery. Instead I'm starting to pull my sweaters out of storage and put my warm weather clothes away. But there's been a few days warm enough for bare legs that make all the fall madness seem a wee bit hasty.
This dress, a gift from Queen of Heartz managed to escape the fall reorganization. I love the classic style and full skirt, not to mention the fun fish print. The colors are perfect for a summer dress, but it works with the transitioning seasons surprisingly well. It'll be easy to wear with a layered crop sweater on top in red or brown. If you want a Queen of Heartz dress for yourself use code "SUMMEREND" to get 20% off; good from today through the end of September.

details: boater hat, vintage cardigan, Queen of Heartz dress c/o, sandals, saddle purse
*pictures by Thomas*



  1. Beautiful dress and shoes!

  2. What a beautiful dress! The fabric reminds me of those African wax fabrics, really cool! And the new fringe is lovely :o)

  3. i really like how the straps on your heels compliment the black lines on the dress's print. and these photos highlight that seasonal transition element of the dress that you described. somehow the pieces all look summery, but the overall effect is autumnal


  4. It's autumn outfit :3 You're so beautiful. Wow~~ your background picture always make me excited >.< How beautiful it is, so inspiring, I don't often wear dress but... you're too pretty in dress.
    Thank you for sharing~~~~
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  5. I love this fish print so much, I'm crying :')

  6. I tried to use the discount code and it said "Coupon code "SUMMEREND" is not valid."

  7. @Anonymous it's been fixed and now it will work for 25% off! Sorry about the mix-up.


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