Outfit: What's In My Beach Bag With Boohoo

After feeling how Baltic the ocean off the North Coast of Ireland was last year when I visited in the summer, I haven't really dipped my toes in since. I still love going to the beach and getting barefoot but I didn't put on a swimsuit all summer and my visits were more about a walk along the shore or breezy picnic in the dunes enjoying the view. So when Boohoo asked me to share what I carried in my beach bag, I thought my response would be a bit atypical. There's no need for beach towels, massive bottles of sunscreen, or even flip-flops. For me, I don't like to head out without: a good book, a colorful pair of sunglasses, a notebook to scribble in, and on a beach day--a bag of sweets!



  1. Such cute colours! Love the shoes and bag combo <3

    The Quirky Queer

  2. Your outfits are always so perfect!
    I'm a big fan ♥

    Have a wonderful day!
    And keep posting :)


  3. yay for Silver on the Tree! and next summer we will have to plan a Mediterranean beach trip to get some swimming in!

  4. Dear Rebecca,
    looks like perfekt a day at the the beach! :) I like what you carry in your bag - especially the notebook and the sweets.
    The pattern of your top (or dress :)) is very pretty!

  5. Love those booties, so I looked them up. They proclaim to be 'ethical' insofar as the materials are locally sourced and 10% of the profits go towards supporting tertiary education for women in East Africa. But they are made of leather from sheep, so they're ethical in one respect but unethical in another! Darn it! They are just so cute though.

  6. Silver on the Tree!!! I love the Dark is Rising Series!


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