Outfit: Summerisland Gatelodges

This hair cut with a beret feels very "Bonnie and Clyde" as played by Faye Dunaway and it's one of my favorite looks. That movie never made me want to become a bank robber but it always succeeds in making me desire a hair cut and more 1930s style. I'd love to wear more 1930s and 40s designs, but 50s style pieces seem much more readily accessible in stores. The colors of my outfit seemed to match perfectly with these sweet gate lodges, called the Summerisland Gatehouses. We met the lady who owns the property and she said we could live in them if we didn't need running water or electricty. I'm a little addicted to having a bathroom rather than an outhouse, so I'll have to pass for now, but the gatehouses would be so fun to see re-vamped.

*pictures by Thomas*


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