Outfit: Last Day of Summer

Tomorrow is the first calendar day of autumn which makes today the last day of summer. Most people seem more eager to get to autumn than to enjoy the last vestiges of summer, but it seems fitting to be sharing a white linen outfit and in a run-down greenhouse today. We found this greenhouse on one of our walks when we didn't have a camera handy and returned the next day in an outfit that suited the setting and camera in hand. There won't be many more little white dresses (unless they're hidden under layers of sweaters and scarves) or bare leg days in the year, but I'll admit fall has its charms as well.

details: Larmoni dress c/o, old belt, heels c/o Royal Vintage Shoes, vintage purse
*pictures by Thomas*


Sarah Clark said...

Very lovely! Ahh! Whenever I see your hair looking so pretty like this, it encourages me to take more time to curl my hair for seemingly mundane occasions. You never know when an adventure will find you after all. It is better to prepared and ready for a fairytale on any occasion. This is dress is cute. I'm particularly drawn to the key on the belt; it's so dreamy. I do wish you the best in the autumn to come and I cannot wait to see your autumn outfits that you shall put together. :)


Minnie Muse said...

This greenhouse is soooooo charming and absolutely picture perfect:)
Love your darling white dress:)

Tiffany Haskin said...

Autumn crept up fast! Pretty outfit, love the vintage shoes!


Izzy said...

How do you find these places! This is just so cute! So sad summer is over but I do love autumn too <3

The Quirky Queer

Michaela Scalisi said...

so beautiful <3

xx Michaela

Michaela Scalisi said...

so beautiful <3

xx Michaela

Victoria said...

I love the little details you always include in your outfits like the little lock and key hanging from your belt! So cute! <3

Faustina Cassanova said...

These pictures are a dream!


Hello Kuo said...

white dresses and green open spaces truly capture the essence of summer. i get to say goodbye to summer slowly because the heat lingers until november haha. i'm absolutely obsessed with your shoes near those leaves idk why


Serra g├╝ler said...

You are like the sun :)

Annie Patz said...

Okay, these pictures are gorgeous - they belong in a magazine! I LOVE the belt, it's so charming (see what I did there).

lavanya suthari said...
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