Outfit: Bugging Out

Another very "geek chic" look for the start of autumn. Although it's really a lot of rather basic pieces, I like how much personality you put into basics. My button-down shirt (several years old at this point!) is patterned with teal ladybugs and my simple black tights feature a trail of tiny ants down one leg. They're exactly the sort of pieces needed in every wardrobe--black tights, button down blouse, etc, but rendered in a way to make them more interesting. The shirt has already lasted for ages when I've gotten rid of all my basic white button-downs and I'm certain the tights will have an equally long lifespan in my closet. For me "basics" shouldn't be cookie-cutter, but should be basic and easily remixable in a way that works and excites you. It's like what it says in the "magic of tidying up" book--only keep the things that "spark joy."

details: beret, old blouse, Larmoni skirt, ants tights, old oxfords, Betsey Johnson purse
*all pictures by me*


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