Style Crush: Ron

My style crush series has been neglected, but not forgotten. While some days I feel like I've covered all of my style crushes, the truth is the list of people who inspire my style or who's blogs I enjoy reading or movies they star in, is actually endless. But today's post isn't about style crushes general, but style crush specific: Ron. Her blog is Dresses on a Clothesline and I've been following her blog off-and-on for years. In the past I've admired her layering skills, use of neutrals, and vintage inspiration, but more recently her dedication to ethical fashion is inspiring. Whether it's posts challenging the idea that we can't be seen in the same thing twice or features on brands that are organic and fair trade, Ron shares personal style with a heart and a (thoughtful) head. It's a combination we don't see often enough in the fashion industry, or fashion blogging community. For more of Ron visit her blog.


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