Outfit: Ripped Jeans

A more casual look than my usual from a day exploring with Thomas. Most days here feel like this weird mix of really comfortable and at ease as if this has always been my life and then I'll have moments where I look around and think "is this my life?" Sometimes it feels like an extended vacation or just strange dream and I'll wake up in my old Pennsylvania apartment with my friends, but instead the day goes on and I remain here. It's good, I like where my life is, but it definitely takes getting used to. Moving is always tricky and I'm both fortunate and unfortunate that I have a lot of experience with moving. It's always annoying and you're a bit of a loner for awhile, but at the same time it's familiar to me and I have patience with the process. And on a day like this when it's not too cold and I'm out on a walk with Thomas, life is very much "pinch me to prove this is real" in the best way.

*pictures by Thomas*



  1. I felt the same way when I lived in NI for two years. I miss it dearly and it warms my heart up to revisit some of my favorite spots via your photos!

  2. Your posts give me overwhelming wanderlust! The landscapes and structures are so inviting and grand, but have an attractive decay to them. I wanna go!!!!


  3. What a gorgeous outfit and setting!



  4. Yay a fellow PA native! I did a study abroad in England, and it was such an amazing time, full of new experiences and travels that almost seemed to be a dream.

    I could kick myself for not taking the chance to go to Ireland when I was there, especially since it would have been a short, cheap flight compared to flying in from the States!

    The Feather Box Blog

  5. What a cute casual outfit! I would've never glanced at those shoes on rack, but the way you styled them seems like something I could rock, so I definitely have to keep an eye out for a pair like them.

  6. I love reading your blog! Your pics make me smile! It feels like you're living in a fairy tale land~ I made another big move across the world 4 years back so I totally get what you're talking about! But the great thing about living in a new country is all those new adventures that you get to experience in your day to day life! xx


  7. This is totally me. I live in jeans, although I love all your dress and skirt posts. You come up with the cutest outfits... but out here in the Intermountain West in the US, jeans are kind of the thing, since most of us go hiking regularly. This outfit is totally up my alley.


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