Outfit: A Woman In Love

No matter the season I love a good little white dress....especially one with Valentino inspired embroidery details! I think white dresses work just as well in autumn and winter as they do in the summer and just call for a bit of creative styling. This dress is lovely on it's own, but lately I've been wanting to wear berets and Christmas-y plaids. Christmas is definitely on my mind; we've been buying our presents for others and setting up our tree, and I've started my "elf duties" volunteering at a local Santa's workshop in the evenings. It's really fun to see how excited children get at the prospect of meeting Santa--it's also entertaining to hear what some of them want for Christmas! One little boy told me he's asking Santa for a chainsaw...the looks on his parents' faces indicated that was one present that wouldn't be under the tree this year!

I'm not usually one for watches, but I love the retro lettering on this one and bright red color. I've worn it in a couple of outfit posts already and it works beautifully with vintage-inspired looks. Added bonus: the smallest setting actually fits my wrist! I think this is the first watch I've ever owned that I haven't had to get resized. If you like Newgate watches use code "newgatelovesaclotheshorse" to get 20% off at checkout from now until January 31st!
details: jacket, Romwe dress (worn as a top), vintage skirt, stockings, booties c/o Cloggs, purse, Newgate Corgi watch



  1. Captures the holidays nicely. Will we see a blog about your elf duties? I hope so.

  2. You photos and outfits always bring me a drop of joy during the day. I love the brightness of this ensemble. I primarily covet the red watch. It is so perfect! OK and also your shoes...

    Thanks for being gorgeous.

    <3 LR

  3. This look is such fun - stylish, chic but sill fun! And I always admire the way you take care of every single detail. Kx

  4. I love how festive this outfit is! That skirt is gorgeous and those shoes are to die for. It's so great to hear that you're enjoying volunteering at a local Santa's workshop. That sounds like so much fun!

    Sweet Helen Grace

  5. This is the PERFECT Valentine's day outfit! I think it's the heart. I love the lace of the dress, the stark white compared to the vibrant red of the embroidering. Absolutely breathtaking. The skirt length and the beret add to the innocent sweet outfit. I love it!

    How To Be More Like Lauren

  6. Your whole outfit's so cute! Love the idea of layering a dress under a skirt :)

  7. This dress is perfect! So romantic!

  8. Love that skirt! Tartan and checks are always great for Christmas.



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