Style Crush: Audrey Horne

Audrey Horne with her little plaid skirts and fitted knit sweaters is such a perfect fall style icon I probably should have written this post earlier, but as you might be able to tell there isn't much rhyme and reason to my Style Crushes. I so prefer the term Style Crush over Style Icon because icon always feels singular to me; like one person you shape your look after and try to reach for. Crushes are constant and fleeting and multitude, you like someone one minute and you're into someone else the next--so "style crush" a person who is inspiring you at this minute and whose looks you like (not always that you want to emulate) really describes this series for me perfectly. It's also about aspects of people's style, liking taking one detail that you enjoy and repeating it rather than a head-to-toe copy and maybe it's more than style, but something about them as a person that really captivates you and makes you want to know more about them.
Anyway, back to this week's lady: the fictional Audrey Horne played by Sherilyn Fenn in the cult favorite Twin Peaks. Audrey was a character I liked more and more as the series went on and Sherilyn is mesmerizing in the role--the scene of her dancing in the diner is impossible to look away from and she has some of the best lines in the whole series. "In real life there is no algebra." "Well, I'm Audrey Horne and I get what I want." Channeling her look is simple: plaid skirts (pleated or pencil), saddle shoes, shrunken sweaters, and red lipstick, but it's a certain attitude that will take it from basic schoolgirl to Audrey Horne coolness and that isn't as easily described or achieved. 


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