Outfit: Beetlemania

Fashion magazines tend to talk a lot about high/low outfits (you know mixing designer pieces with cheaper brands), but to me a good outfit is old-meets-new. Sometimes it's vintage meets modern pieces, but mostly it's just old pieces that have been in your closet for a few years remixed with new pieces. It's a sign to me that a new piece is a good investment when it can mix well with my existing wardrobe. If I get a new clothing item and it only looks good with other new pieces then will it really get that much wear? Does it really fit "my style" if none of my wardrobe regulars work with it? Maybe it's good if you're trying to mix up your style, but if when it comes to really wearing the pieces, I think it's best when there is that mix of old/new. Like today's outfit; I have a new pair of shorts, new-ish oxfords I've been wearing for awhile now and then a purse, sweater (see the remix of a few ways I've worn it in the past below), and scarf that have all been in my closet for three years or longer. When it was so easy to find a sweater to match these fun beetle print shorts by Wolf & Whistle, I knew they were a perfect addition to my wardrobe because they already "go" with other pieces so representative of my style. Besides I'm a huge sucker for insect prints!  
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*pictures by Thomas* 


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