Outfit: Fields Of Yellow

When you’re young it feels as if anything can--and might--happen on summer vacation.
You might find a water monster at your local lake or fall in love with a handsome stranger at the beach (when you’re slightly older and actually start to find romance intriguing). You hope you can go somewhere new and strange, or to discover some hidden secret about your home town that was previously hidden from you. Wherever you wind up, you want to be swept away in adventure. With new freckles on your nose and no obligations you feel as if adventure might actually find you. When you’re older the feeling fades; summer vacation might not exist with your job at all or be relegated to a few short weeks or long weekends, but the feeling is still here, latent underneath the reality of paying for holiday rentals and worrying about skin cancer (concerns that never seemed to exist when you were six). Every summer I feel the desire in me to return to that child-like optimism. Why can't you spy a sea monster on your day at the beach or stumble across some mysterious town secret that everyone tries to keep hidden?



  1. This is silly, but how are you parting your hair like that?

  2. So, so agree with that!! It's kinda hard to get older and loose the magic of vacation. Definitely one of the best parts of trips as a kid. I find a lot of time the most exciting part of the trip for me is now What might happen? rather than what *actually* happens. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing? It can be a big let-down, but then, my imagination is still wild! haha!

    your pictures make me think secret garden!! love the belt! beautiful!!

  3. What an incredible place to take photos, I wish I could find a field like that!

  4. You live in a magical place!

  5. Such a beautiful dress! And I agree there is something really magical about summer vacations.


  6. you look amazing in your pictures!

    Please visit my Blog!


    Alessa Bernal :)

  7. You have found the magic! What an awesome field of flowers!


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