Outfit: Summer Stripes

We've had the most glorious weather lately.
Long days full of sunshine where there's still a glimmer of light in the sky at 10PM and you just want to spend all of your time lounging at a beach or enjoying a picnic outside. Life's not always so carefree of course so we do have other obligations keeping us busy, but we have enjoyed a few nice lunches outdoors in our small backyard and some lovely walks in the evening. I've finally transitioned most of my fall and winter clothes to storage (keeping a few jumpers and coats handy "just in case") and have brought out some of my favorite little summer dresses that I haven't had a chance to wear in forever. Red seems to be one of my top summer colors and even when I'm not wearing a red dress, simple red flats or sandals are my favorite punch of color to add to a summer look. When they're as sweet as these sandals with retro divers on top, who can resist? I can't wait to take them with me when I do have another beach adventure!



  1. What a beautiful dress! so summery!

  2. Swooning over all the cute details in this outfit, those shoes especially! <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile 

  3. This outfit is so sweet, I love the red on you. I am also a big fan of red especially this time of year.


  4. Love how vibrant the whole outfit is! That watermelon bag is sooo cute. x


  5. I love that dress! I saw a similar dress the other day in a pale blue, which I absolutely loved, but it just didn't suit me!
    xo April | April Everyday

  6. You are packing so much cuteness into one outfit! I love the dress (those popsicle appliques!) and the writing on the hat is too fun. Fantastic shooting location as well. Gorgeous.
    <a href="http://zellamaybe.com>Zella Maybe<a/>

  7. THAT HAT!! I"'m busy!! "LOL I love it!

  8. Lovely outfit! I absolutely love the shoes! And the hat!!! ;)

  9. Ah, those shoes! I find I've been incorporating a lot of red myself. It's such a fun and classic pop of color!


  10. Oh, these sandals are just everything! <3


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