Remix: Ruffle Top Two Ways To Wear It

Thief & Bandit recently sent me a couple of her new summer designs and I'm in love with everything!
Each design is hand printed using giant silkscreens and each garment is handmade using organic jersey in Canada. I love her prints (like the birds of prey design in the piece I'm wearing today) and especially love her new ruffle top designs! They're basically everything I want to wear this summer. There are loads of ways to style an off-the-shoulder ruffle top, but for this little remix I decided to try out two very different looks. First up, a tomboyish take with overalls and then a more traditionally, feminine outfit. The overalls outfit is my go-to for running errands lately; cute but comfortable and practical. My skirted look is a bit more fancy. If you're feeling a bit bare on top in an off-the-shoulder blouse try styling it with a little spring scarf or some layered necklaces. I took one long necklace and looped it twice around for a layered look.  

*all pictures by me*


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